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  • DIY to save $$$

    I recently wrote an article on reloading your own ammo and how much money it can save now while we prep for SHTF scenarios down the road. It made me think about other DIY projects we take on to save us money now AND prepare us for later. We probably save 75% off each box of ammo by reloading it ourselves. Especially when I spend time at the range, that really pays off. We have a 2k sq ft garden that probably saves us around $1000 per year in the cost of veggies. With all the meat I put in the freezer from hunting and fishing we probably save about $3000 per year. These projects also allow us to stockpile ammo, can veggies, and both dry and can meats. We have talked about going solar to save money on our electric bill. Also talked about converting a truck to biodiesel to save money on gas. What DIY prepping projects save you money right now?

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    I can and dehydrate everything I get my hands on. Have a small garden, and diy hats, gloves, scarves. Love using my weaving loom, and am stocking up on cotton yarns for towels and linens.


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      I had not thought about that, but my wife and mother in law do a ridiculous amount of sewing. I know that probably saves us at least $500 a year in clothing sine we have a growing boy. They do pants, shirts, socks, pajamas, blankets, scarves, and jackets


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        The fabrics recommended for storage are, cotton, linen, denim, and flannel..quilting with the scraps is great too.

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      We had the opportunity to get some old windows with wood frames out of a house that was being torn down. We're using them to create a cold frame greenhouse so we can start some of the things for our garden a little earlier this year. We painted milk jugs black and filled them with water and we'll make a square of straw bales with the milk jugs around the interior edge. The windows will lay across the top of the bales. The sun heats the whole thing up include the milk jugs during the day and at night the heat from the milk jugs radiates off and keeps the whole thing just a little warmer until the sun comes up again the next day. My mother's discovered the idea and now we finally have the windows to try it! I'll keep ya'll posted on the results.


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        Well as luck would have it we didn't get the greenhouse constructed yet. But we were able to plant some seed potatoes in laundry baskets. Mom used landscaping cloth to sew bags/pouches to line the baskets. Then we buried the seed potatoes and waited. We currently have potatoes growing in all of the baskets. She also made smaller pouches from the landscaping cloth and planted radishes, shallots, and spinach. It's all growing fine. We tasted the first tiny radishes a few days ago. The landscaping fabric was on sale so it was inexpensive and we already had the laundry baskets so it was a cheap DIY project.


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          I've saved a lil bit of money by building 3 sets of shelves. 2 of them,were built out dog ear pickets. Those are for paper back books,to what ever..the 3rd one if for store bought canned/dry foods..I've also done some home canning.then there's certain dry foods that i buy in small quantity. Like sugar.i only buy the 1LB bags.seeing how i don't go through that much in a year.i have 3 1LB bags in my pantry, that are hard as bricks.