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How Quickly Celebration Can Turn Tragic

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  • How Quickly Celebration Can Turn Tragic

    I received a tragic reminder this weekend of just how quickly a celebration get together can turn tragic and it really drove home for me the importance of having an EDC kit with you at all times! My grandsons and their mom, along with my youngest daughter went to a friend's house to swim, ride four-wheelers and a side by side, and then watch fireworks to celebrate the 4th of July holiday. I received a call from my daughter in love (she's the mother of my two grandsons but no longer with my son) to say that there had been an accident and they were on their way home, but our kids were all okay. She then proceeded to tell me that one of the side-by-sides that they were using to give all the kids at the party rides got stuck in the mud on a hill and had flipped over.

    A man (boyfriend of the side by side owner) and two young girls were in it when it flipped. He was not wearing a seatbelt, the two girls were. He was thrown from the side by side and it landed on his head. He was bleeding from the back of his head and had a severe facial laceration near his eyebrow. One little girl climbed out crying because her best friend was still stuck and wasn't moving. My daughter in love was the first one to the side by side followed closely by the girl's mom who had tripped and fallen in her rush to get there.

    My daughter in love whipped off her shirt and wrapped it around the girl's head and put pressure where it was bleeding. She kept talking to her to keep her awake but they were unable to get her out of the side by side at first because the seat belt was stuck. This would have been a great time for her to have a knife in her pocket! She did what she could do and kept the girl's head stable with her knees and kept her talking until the paramedics arrived. Both the adult and the little girl had to be life flighted out by helicopter.

    This was a simple family get together with extended family and friends. Not the type of thing you'd "gear up" for thinking there would be an emergency. The little girl is about 8 or 10 years old, she has a very severe head trauma and is in an induced coma. I don't have info about the man although he was on his feet and talking despite the profuse bleeding. I pray all are okay. In preparation for summer, I'm restocking my first aid kit to include some trauma items and am even more committed to wearing my EDC items always.

    Make sure you're ready this summer to deal with whatever may come.

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    Truly a sad story, Megan, I hope she gets well soon....
    Always stay safe,