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  • What's in your EDC?

    Things like cash, a multi-tool ,a band-aid, IDs, a mini flashlight are in mine. What about yours?
    Always stay safe,


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    Hello two survival Bars with the above...


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      Hey, Its Warhawk 1118. I travel lite in my EDC but I think efficiently. I purchased a cell phone carrier that fits on my belt and has a second small compartment. In it (with my phone of course) is a basic first aid kit (includes Band-aids, ointments, OCD's, etc.), tweezers, safety pins, small nail clippers, one days dose of meds, and a mini LED flashlight. In my left pants pocket I carry my Swiss Army Knife, chap stick, and a lighter. In my right pocket is my wallet (includes ID, cash, Emergency blanket, signal mirror, Credit cards, contact numbers and info) and "survival" folding pocket knife (mainly for self defense if needed). Rear pants pockets have handkerchiefs. Right wrist has a survival bracelet made from Paracord with compass, fire starter, whistle, handcuff key, and thermometer. Left wrist has a multifunction watch. Those are the items I carry everyday.


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        My EDC is the same as my mother's. First aid supplies, em blanket ( replaces my mom's lt wt jacket), knife, matches, flashlight, chapstick, sunblock, hard candies and jerky stick (I'm diabetic) safety pins and sewing kit, meds. I've added ferro rod and bic, sm hank of paracord, 2 const wt trash bags, on my key ring I've always carried a P38, nail clipper and mini screwdriver ( since I was 8) I've now added the flashlight and handcuff key, and sm fishing kit. My mother's and my own EDC is known as a purse.


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          Glock 17, 5 mags, and a Cold Steel Tanto!


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            My keyring has a Fox whistle, P38 can opener, a small neodymium magnet for making a compass needle, mini multi-tool, AAA LED flashlight, button flashlight, Ranger pacing beads. My wallet has a single edge razor blade, 2 band aids, handcuff key, a book of matches sealed in a plastic ziploc bag, plastic card wrapped with Gorilla tape, telephone numbers written of a single page waterproof paper. My back pocket has a cotton handkerchief and a small hank of paracord. My front pocket has my folding knife and a Bic lighter.


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              Knowledge and not to panic and always been aware of surrounding . That is what I carry


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                warm jacket, Beanie, disposable rain poncho, multi tool, Swiss army knife, matches, Muesli bars, band aids,

                etc etc etc etc etc etc etc .



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                  Some good thoughts here. Over the past few years, my EDC has consisted of some variation of the following: a Leatherman Tool on my belt, a folding 5X magnifying glass in one pocket, and an OD bandana in another pocket. The front pockets are rounded out with my I.D.'s and wallet. A very small shoulder bag (that is small/light enough as a belt carry), holds my Spyderco Delica, several band-aids, some moleskin, small BIC lighter, waterproof writing pad, Space Pen, pencil, ceramic sharpening rod, Fenix HL-50 headlamp, 2 hanks of 10 feet of 550 para-cord wrapped as rapid deploy fobs (one OD green and the other blaze orange), and finally, 2 tightly folded plastic shopping bags. A carabiner on my belt also hangs my keyring along with my P-38 can opener. In the span of a single summer month, every article in this kit has been put to service.

                  "In Pace Paratus"


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                    My EDC consists of a Gerber tool, a stainless Zippo, an iPhone, and a 1911 and 2 mags. That should suffice until I can reach my truck, and bob.


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                      Here is one of the tools I carry that I see rarely posted on forums, It's a little bulky but with it's multi uses it's worth the real estate in my wallet.
                      JUST CAUSE THEY SAY IT DON'T MAKE IT TRUE And if it comes from Info Wars or Alex Jones, it's probably BULLSHIT!

                      Steve Bannon in his own words, speaks on Breitbart and the alt right

                      Know the FACTS b4 going off half cocked


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                        I have my watch front pocket wallet keychain carabiner & of course a good pocket knife


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                          I work in tiers.

                          Tier 1 - Must Haves
                          This includes items I'd be naked without. Includes keys, watch, wallet and cellphone

                          Tier 2 - Necessary Tools
                          These items are on me 98% of the time and are more or less an extension of Tier 1. They're basically Tier 1 items that are not TSA-friendly. Includes pocketknife, multi-tool, small lighter, headphones and USB drive (latter two are TSA-friendly but not 100% necessary all the time)

                          Tier 3 - Full Pockets
                          Includes an Altoids survival kit, pen/pencil, small notebook, mini medical kit

                          Tier 4 - EDC Bag
                          This has the larger items like a water bottle, power supply, handheld GPS (sometimes) and extra clothing depending on the season.

                          I wrote a few articles on this topic:
                 - Thriving In The 'Burbs!


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                            My EDC has varied quite a bit as my knowledge and skill level has increased. I am confident I can get through most situations with just a good knife, so there are times that my knife is all I carry. However, on the other end of the spectrum I have had a fairly elaborate kit. I used to run a business and carried a soft leather briefcase everywhere I went. In addition to my business supplies and laptop, I had a wide array of survival tools. It consisted of a bandana, a knife, a small flashlight, a straw style water filter, a survival bracelet which included paracord, a ferro rod, a compass, and a whistle. I also carried a signal mirror, a zippo, an emergency blanket, and a multitool. I always had a water bottle with me, but most people did not realize that it had a filter built into the lid. I also always had a nice pen with me, but most people did not realize it was a tactical pen. At the time I did not have a permit to carry a firearm, but I would have had a small handgun otherwise. These days I do not carry a bag with me unless I know I am heading into the wilderness, so my EDC consists of the items I can fit in my pockets.