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Saving about $1,600 a year.

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  • Saving about $1,600 a year.

    So recently my cable company tried to raise my cable bill $50 a month. Normally I would call and try to work something out, dropping some premium channels and getting others, in an attempt to work with them. However this year, they seem to just not want my business? So just like with AT&T when they wouldn't give me a new iPhone, I went looking for an alternative. Here is what I found,

    Roku Express, $29.00 I bought 3 for a total cost $87. By itself Roku sucks. They interrupt every program with random commercials that come at the most inappropriate times during the show. However I added this app.

    Plex, Now for free you can use the app to watch video you have on your puter but for a small fee $120 lifetime you get access to hundreds of popular channels and some other content not known to most, See, then check out the secret channels.

    So for $207 for life in a one time fee I have been able to cancel my cable all together saving me over $1600 the first year and about $1,800 every year after. NO bad huh? The more people who say goodby to their cable service, the more the companies will have to give back to their customers. It will take time but just like the phone companies, it will happen

    The more money we save in life, the more we have for our preps. Enjoy

    JUST CAUSE THEY SAY IT DON'T MAKE IT TRUE And if it comes from Info Wars or Alex Jones, it's probably BULLSHIT!

    Steve Bannon in his own words, speaks on Breitbart and the alt right

    Know the FACTS b4 going off half cocked