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    This forum will be specifically for reviews on media. Duh Audio, video and/or text of any kind., this would include book reviews and DVD or Blue ray suggestions. We should confine ourselves to "how to" media but the occasional prepper fiction, would be acceptable if it's something we could learn from?

    I'll get the ball rolling with my review of, 100 Deadly Skills and 100 Deadly Skills Survival Edition

    Both books are written by Clint Emerson a supposed Ret. Navy Seal, and are jam packed with page after page of useful information. Each book is approximately 270 pages including the glossary. You can find all the specs including dimensions and other info in the links I posted.

    What I like about these books is how simple the techniques are. Imagine being able to make a gun holster out a a wire hanger and a riffle rake on your bed with two coat hangers. Those are just two of thing described in the books. Chapters such as, mission prep, infiltration, infrastructure, surveillance, personal preparedness, navigation, surviving in the wild are just some of the topics covered in the respective volume.

    For those who like to see what they read there are plenty of conceptual drawings and pictures that show what the author is talking about, although they can be a little confusing at times. Very concise with not much fluff makes these works a must have for those interested in this kind of thing. IMO of course.

    I hope this forum will grow with recommendations, from all our members? If nothing else, we will know what each other are reading, watching and listening to

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    Really? Nobody is reading a book? Watching a video? or listening to something? WOW! Not one member has anything to contribute to this thread? I'm starting feel very lonely


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      I read a book a day, my favorites are: store this not that crystal Godfrey, secret survival books by Rick Austin, the day the dollar died, Robert Baynes, and how to feed a family of four on 200 a month..I've done it on less....also love old recipe books


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        Would you like to go into some detail as to why you like these books? What topics they cover, along with anything in particular, we should look for when reading them?


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          Store this not that, tells how to purchase and use your prep foods, discusses specific items to buy or not to buy, and discusses canned, dehydrated, freeze dried and fresh or frozen foods..tells you where to start and how to add on. Also the cheapest sources and best products to purchase.
          rick Austin, how to build a survival greenhouse, choose animals, and how to grow a permaculture hidden garden.
          the day the dollar died, will just plain scare you, talks about the govts manipulation with currency, farms, homes, and martial law..fictional story.
          and recipe books from the 1800s, depression etc. teach you how to cook from scratch, with few ingredients.
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            Thanks Lady that was helpful


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              Has anyone read Collective Retribution? It seems to be getting good reviews and I just saw a trailer for book 2-Rise of the Faithful, which was amazingly well done.