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Enter the forum contest and win an ebook. Or more.

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  • Enter the forum contest and win an ebook. Or more.

    Hey everyone

    In an attempt to launch this forum, I'm giving away any of the e-books that've been launched her eon this site, either written by me or by my experts. Namely:

    The Family Survival Blueprints

    Run, Prepper, Run

    Bug In Forever

    The Amazing Stockpile Challenge

    My Survival Farm

    What do you have to do? Easy, just write 40 posts on this forum and follow a few simple rules:

    - You can post 5 posts a day.

    - You can start a maximum of 10 threads to win one ebook. The rest have to be replies to other's threads.

    - Each post needs to be at least 100 words in length to qualify.

    - You cannot post replies to yourself (but you can reply to others in the same thread).

    - You cannot post 2 posts in a row. Consecutive posts will count as one.

    - If you're already a member and you already posted on the forums, those posts WILL count.

    Once you gather 40 posts, send me an email and I'll send you the download link. Fair?

    Great, just register here real quick:

    Oh, if you write 40 more posts and you get another ebook! And so on...
    Always stay safe,


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    I got his survival farm series, love it, thank you for this opportunity. The book on permaculture, with all the guides is great. I really like the diagrams and suggested plantings. The other books he offered with it are planning lists, and are extremely helpful in getting your family on board as well as neighbors etc. by the way, yesterday's post on email, was one of Dans better information posts. It told how to make your own survival gear..thank you Dan for all you do!


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      Thank you! ALthough I have to say that the permaculture ebook was mostly written by two expert gardeners, not me.
      Always stay safe,



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        Just got my second one, the stockpile challenge, read it last night during our tornado watch, power outage, rainy Windstorm! To prepare, I filled water containers (5 gal) filled and checked the hurricane lamps, found the flashlight and matches. Had just tucked into bed, with the iPad fully charged to read dans ebook.. Five minutes later, no power. With the iPhone checking the weather, I read through his series... I felt pretty good when I finished as I had most of what he recommended, plus....there were some items I had forgotten which I will remedy soon... Power was out 4.5 hours so no need to worry about the freezer.


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          Just read bug in forever, great ideas in this one also. I liked how it was broken down into steps to question...if you only have one bathroom, and all rooms have at least one window, and there is not a safe room, or basement, should you still bug in?


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            Well, that would depend on the other factors as well. Nothing wrong if your safe room has another way out, some people believe it's actually better because you can escape. What's more important is that noe one can use that window to come in.

            Maybe you can repurpose your second bathroom or even your main bathroom as a safe room?
            Always stay safe,