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Hello from Logan county Arkansas

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  • Hello from Logan county Arkansas

    To some degree I don't remember not being interested in prepping types of things . That kicked up a bit after I divorced in 99 . Lived in a tarp shelter for a while . Have been trying to pare down the clutter in my life and learn more ways to thrive when I get knocked down again .

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    Welcome and may your time here, be both fruitful and educational.


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      A few months back I wrote an article on the top places in the US for bugging in or bugging out. The Ozark Mountains made the top spot. You are definitely in the right place. Here is an excerpt from that article: Maybe it is because I grew up in this area, but I feel that it has everything you could need for a bug-out location. This hilly area is thick with white pine and oak trees, and the woods are teeming with wildlife. I hunt in this area every year and I have yet to go a single day without seeing at least one deer.

      The streams have trout, bass, and catfish along with all kinds of other wildlife. Natural springs are plentiful and there is an extensive array of limestone caves. The soil is fairly rich and the climate is mild. You can have cold winters and hot summers, but nothing unbearable. The land is also inexpensive and sparsely populated.

      The Ozarks do not have any major cities that would be targeted. These hills, forests, and caves make it easy to disappear. You can hide your camp where nobody would find it, and the caves and bluffs can make it easy to defend if needed. There are several areas that are miles from the closest road or trail. Also the gun and building permit laws are fairly loose in these areas.

      There are only three minor downsides. The Ozark Mountains are somewhat close to the New Madrid fault line, but they are far enough away that damage would be minor. There are some military bases in central Missouri, but they are far enough that they should not be major concern. You will occasionally get tornados in this area, but they typically damage an isolated area.


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        What about in Tennessee?


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          Tennessee made the #2 spot!


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            Which areas, do you know?

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          Eastern TN. The further away from big cities, the better. There are several factors that were considered: Accessibility, concealment, defendability, proximity to large cities, climate, likelihood of natural disasters, natural resources, and cost of land. Here is what I wrote specifically about the Appalachian region:

          These mountain areas are ideal for many of the same reasons that the Ozarks are ideal. This area consists of plenty of bluffs, caves, and springs. It is heavily wooded and has an abundance of game in the forest and countless fish in the streams. Also the soil is typically rich and fertile.
          Most of these states are lax on gun laws and building permits. However, certain parts of the Appalachians are close to large cities. You need to be selective about which sections of this mountain chain you consider. If you are far enough into the wilderness, the land is cheap and easy to defend. It is also incredibly easy to stay hidden. The weather is similar to the Ozarks, but the Appalachians have a greater potential for heavy snow as you move to higher elevations.
          There are a few downsides to this area. The proximity to major cities could mean issues with foreign attacks or looters invading your property. The potential for heavy snow makes it a bit more difficult to get around. Certain parts of this area are close to the New Madrid fault line. The key to bugging out in the Appalachian Mountains is to find the right spot. The more remote, the better.