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  • Hi Everybody

    It's probably about time I introduce myself.

    My name is Matt and I live in Australia. It's hard to say when I got into the idea of prepping and survival as it seems like I've always felt this way. In my younger years when I had less responsibility I would walk the bush for months at a time just to be with nature and away from the large city which always irritated me.

    I didn't have much experience (ie none) but I managed to get by with what I could carry on my back which included a bedroll and tarp for shelter, provisons such as a cooking pot, ropes, knives, an ax, a cheap leatherman knockoff, basic medkit, as much food as I could stuff into my pack, and at maximum about 10 litres of water. I would replenish my food about once a week and collect water whenever it rained, or purify it from other sources. At times I would travel along hiking trails which would have a water tank and shelter every 30 to 60 kms or so to refill my water bottles which would suffice for up to 3 days by being very sparing and careful not to lose sweat.

    Later on in life I always wished I had more knowledge back then, so I endeavoured to collect as much as I could and condense it down into a form that would be easy to carry. It was also a learning excercise. I started with the famous US Survival Manual FM 21-76 and whittled it down to its essentials, removing military specific information that I didn't consider relevant to me. I also added other information that I found useful, and eventually expanded it to include information that would be useful in settling down in a longer term situation. The Doom Survival Guide was born. It is a labour of love (and I am still adding to it periodically) that grew organically over a number of years, as people suggested content on this ever-growing tome.

    Ideally it will be a book that if you were going to take ONE book with you, then this would keep you alive in a manner a little better than just holing up in a lean-to. I don't think I'm quite there yet, but it is my eventual goal. I have moved away from the idea that one man can sustain an adequate existence beyond basic endurance and believe that a strong group of like-minded individuals is the way to go as each individual has their own skills and experience, not to mention the advantages that a larger labour pool allows.

    I certainly don't consider myself to be a survival expert by any means but just another looking at a grim future and striving to find the means which to provide for my family.

    After moving for the third time in as many years, I am looking now to properly establish a productive garden, for both food and medicine, and to raise small and practical animals such as as chickens and rabbits. I love my electronics and have a diploma in electronic engineering but am not anticipating a full-blown power setup due to the multitude of problems that will arise, but rather resigning myself to the idea of little to no power. Not so long ago this was the norm.

    Dan introduced me to his blog last year and I was impressed by the practical way he looks at survival. Recently he invited me to this forum and I am proud to be a new member of this group who in the short time I have been browsing here have shown to look at survival in a similarly down to earth and realistic way.

    I hope that while I learn, I can also add to the pool of knowledge, all for the greater good.
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    First I'd like to welcome you to the board Next I'd like to plug your project which I came across some time ago. I find both exhilarating and quite encompassing. I wish you well with the project and hope that while here you might include some of the posts made on this board? Many great minds here

    PS the fact that you have offered the information in your tome at no cost, speaks volumes about your commitment to the prepping community. WELL DONE!


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      Thankyou Skills. One of my motivations for joining this forum was indeed to tap the excellent pool of knowledge here. Credits and thankyou's will of course be included.
      Read or Download the Doom Survival Guide