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Hello from Southern California!

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  • Hello from Southern California!

    Unlike most of the prepper sites or YouTube videos that I try to get information from, we're (currently) still in a drought, despite the rain this winter season. Thus, my username. Because I'm more likely to deal with urban environments, or dry washes and hillsides, than nicer regions.

    I'm a 'junior' prepper, still trying to get my stuff together and keep on practicing. Thanks for having this forum available.
    This is after a fire locally. But, you get the idea of the terrain.

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    Welcome to the forum! We're looking forward to exchanging ideas and learning more about the drought and how bad it is..
    Always stay safe,



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      Yes WELCOME and please keep us abreast of how you are dealing with the REAL emergency. There is no amount of theory, than can compensate for REAL experience So your contributions will be most welcome. The fact that you use Opera with an included VPN in private mode, tells me a great deal about your commitment to real prepping and I am waiting with great anticipation your contributions to the board. Just jump in and post your knowledge so we can suck it up, like a sponge