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Hi everyone!!

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  • Hi everyone!!

    My name is Jöran and i live in northen parts of sweden and i have been intressted in survival since i was a teenager and i´m also a dedicated outdoorsman.And i have been prepping for 2 years now and i got in to this for a couple of years ago when i was watching Youtube clips and i watched a video and that guy talked about prepping.I found that very intressting and when i begin to think back i noticed that the world are turning more unstable and unsecure and this is not an bad idea at all to begin with prepping.So 2 years ago i thought now it is time to begin with prepping and i did.I´m here to learn more and if there is something i can teach others here well i can see that as a bonus i guess.

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    Welcome to the forum Joran! We're looking forward to your stories and experiences.
    Always stay safe,



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      Well i will do my best. And i do not have that much experience when it comes to prepping but that is why i´m here to learn more.


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        I'm glad your here Jordan, one of the ways you can contribute is in this thread we have a discussion going about the state of Sweden at the moment Perhaps you could give us, your own insights into the migration issue?

        If you think that's to much of a loaded gun to start off with, then just help out with a link or two on something not yet posted and you will be off to the races, as an ACTIVE member of the board. See you around the forums


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          Thanks for your coment and thanks for the warm welcome too that makes me happy.