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How to Prepare for and Survive a Nuclear Fallout

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  • How to Prepare for and Survive a Nuclear Fallout

    Hey everyone,

    This is the thread/topic dedicated to the surviving a nuclear fallout article:

    If you're prepping for these kinds of scenarios, let us know by posting a comment below. Thanks.
    Always stay safe,


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    In a lot of European country we know where are the nucleair places....But yesterday I saw someone nobody knows !! They are realy bad...


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      I read an article a very long time ago in the Cold War about fall-out and surviving it. It seems that the irradiated gunk from the ground burst has a short half life of a few days and IF you can keep inside and stay off the ground in your property for about 3 weeks, you will be OK.

      The stuff on your roof will not effect you as it is beyond the dangerous distance from your skin.

      Far more of a problem in the Northern Hemisphere!



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        In my understanding if you're in the blast zone of a nuclear explosion there isn't much you can do to survive it anyhow. If you're not in the immediate blast zone but are within a specific range (50-150 miles) of the explosion, then it won't be the explosion that kills you it will be the radiation sickness. Where that fallout goes after the explosion is very much dependent on the wind and weather, it will be carried through the air. Underground during the blast and immediately after is best, with a thick concrete roof--very difficult to do unless you have construction skills or deep pockets. As for us, we will seal up doors and windows, etc. and my BOB contains masks and the iodine pills, enough for each of us to take them for several weeks to keep our bodies from absorbing the radiation by expelling it during urination. This hopefully prevents us from getting sick enough to die. Our future home is planned to be away from any known military targets and/or nuclear plants but that's about all I know to do. I welcome any other ideas?