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    Dan, just read your email on worm gardens, a great idea, but just a few comments....4 feet would not grow much lettuce, sprouts would probably be more nutritious. You would need light, if you are bugging in, you may have to board up windows, thus appearing abandoned. If you use grow lights you will need a generator or a solar system. My main concern would be how many you would need to eat well. And to address light and water.. They would be great for waste disposal of scraps and paper.

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    Yeah, that was just a product on worm farming I was promoting, I didn't write it... Yep, they'd be great for waste disposal but also as fish bait!
    Always stay safe,



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      Love the idea of a worm farm. This is something that is actually on our list for our homestead pre-SHTF as a way to not only have bait for fishing and compost our food waste but also bring in a little extra money by taking them to the local farmer's market or bait shop to sell.


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        Can anyone tell me how to prepare worms, for human consumption? Thanks in advance


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          I just acquired a large glass bottle terranium. My 12-year-old asked me if we could turn the bottle into a worm farm so she'd be able to see the worms even though they would think they were hidden. Does anyone know if this would work? Or would the fact that it's glass create too much of a greenhouse effect and dry it all out?