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    So I am getting a late start as usual, but I got all the supplies for my garden today. We have a 2,000 sq ft garden that we have planted for the last few years. The year before last we had a great harvest, but last year was a bit of a dud. We still got a great deal of food, but not nearly as much as the year before. I am not what I would consider an expert gardener, so I was hoping somebody with more experience could share some tips for in ground gardens. Mainly I would be curious about watering practices, weeding practices, thinning practices, and soil additives. I know some plants have very delicate roots and I wonder if I am disturbing them by pulling the weeds closest to them. I also know some people snip the plants they are thinning with scissors instead of pulling them. I also think I may have watered too much last year. I saw great germination, but the yield was not so great.