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Indoor gardening!!

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  • Indoor gardening!!

    I write this because i don´t know how many of you know about growing Indoor and what benefits and advantegages it gives you. First of all you will Always have fresh veggies all the year round ok. And that is why i will put this link here and the website is on English. and it is a video clip too if you want to Watch it. You can buy a hydroponics system for your home at this website. And i wanna have your opinions on this system and what you Think about that.

    Be prepared.

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    I have lost confidence in the admin of this board. So it is with heavy heart,
    that I can no longer support it. I will more than likely start my own board in
    the future, with all the content from this one and even more. So goodby everyone
    and remember "to be aware is to be alive" until we meet again
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      Yeah they are really cool and that means you can have fresh veggies year round and you can grow even if it is bleow zero outside if you go and buy a system like that you will manage pretty good. And i will buy a system like that myself when i can afford it.


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        And yes get your wife in to it she might like it