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Ducks vs chickens

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  • Ducks vs chickens

    i recently read that duck eggs taste like chicken eggs only they are larger.. Chickens are louder and mess up your garden, but aren't ducks pretty dirty also? I have my bunnies, but does anyone else have a suggestion for eggs and meat on 3 acres? I do not have a stream and would have to build a pond

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    I have lost confidence in the admin of this board. So it is with heavy heart,
    that I can no longer support it. I will more than likely start my own board in
    the future, with all the content from this one and even more. So goodby everyone
    and remember "to be aware is to be alive" until we meet again
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      Duck eggs are stronger tasting than chickens so is the meat. Ducks don't lay eggs as well as chickens the ducks don't do as well with traffic and other predators. I say ducks are messier and harder to care for you don't see people raising ducks too much for a reason. go to the farm store during chick days and get about 10 laying hens and a roster or two. They tend to thin out just turn em out give them a safe place to roost and lay sling some feed every day water they be alright.


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        Ducks are very messy especially when it comes to the water tubs. They also don't necessarily lay as many eggs as chickens (breed dependent). Since they don't roost up high, can be prone to predators more than chickens. For me personally, they are too messy and require too much water, not to mention for some reason when I butcher them the smell of their blood makes me nauseous. No other blood affects me that way. Very strange. Because I can do so much more with chickens (eggs, meat, scratching garden areas, bug control, etc) I chose them.


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          Well, in March I purchased 8 pullets and a chicken house, needless to say by June 1, we had lost two ( don't know what got them) and realized that four of my hens were in fact roosters.. Not to be discouraged, I figured the four could go into the freezer and two hens would suffice until the next batch came in at tractor supply. On June 29th, my best friend and former husband, passed away here at home and I left for Calif to bury 17 yr old granddaughter was left in charge of the garden, the chickens and my bunnies..the day before I got back, it looks like a raccoon broke the wiring around the coop and stole my first eggs, the chickens all disappeared as well..I don't know if they ran away or were killed as I could not find anything but cracked eggs and a few feathers. Now five days later, my first venture into chickens has failed...the bunnies are still here, but alas no fresh eggs try again? That is the Question!