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    I am currently working on an article on venomous snakes in North America. It reminds me that it is snake season again and a few points should be made about snake bite first aid. First and foremost, a venomous snake bite needs anti-venom. A bite kit, sucking out the venom, or wrapping your limb will not help your situation. In fact it could actually make it worse. Medical professionals have proven that the very best action to take is to find a way to medical care no matter what. If you can call for help, it is best to stay still and keep your bit limb below your heart. If not, you must travel to rescue.

    In addition, keep a permanent marker with you. Mark the time of the bite and the site. Then whenever your symptoms change note the time on your arm along with the details. You should also mark the size of the red area around the bite at this time. This will help medical personnel treat you in case you lose consciousness.

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    I just rad that some essential oils will draw out poisons, I need to go back and see which ones