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Berkeley Protests, and the violence escalates

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  • Berkeley Protests, and the violence escalates

    I imagine that I'm like most here, well acquainted with the 'gray man' concept, as well as 'op-sec', so basically we try to keep our heads down and observe as the world goes through its various cycles and upheavals. But I also live near a large urban area, with my eyes open to potential threats from the more-than-willing to protest citizens within this crazy mix of folks.

    Thankfully, I'm nowhere near Berkeley, where protests have been violent and free speech has taken a back seat. I'm posting this because I don't know if others are aware of how violent the protesters can be. It's quite a bit out of what I'd call normal existence; in fact, I'd consider this to be an open call to inciting further escalation of violence at political events or pro-my-side-vs.-yours type rallies. (Caution: this is a Reddit thread, and the posters don't adhere to the avoidance of threats or swearing.)

    The way to stay safe, I guess is to avoid this sort of event. But that comes at the cost of keeping quiet, hoping that they get the rage out/burn or destroy stuff, and go home when satisfied (as Baltimore's mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, so memorably said 2 years ago).


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    They don't call it bezerkley for no reason was crazy there in the sixties, the black panther movement was based near there..and it seems to have gotten worse over the years..I would never want my kids to attend that school


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      It's funny how far then go to protect certain groups of people, yet they offend other groups of people like there's no tomorrow. If they had any brains, they'd realize that, overall, they do more harm than good.
      Always stay safe,