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    I try to at least be aware of potential threats, given that my wife and several family members live in a large urban area on the Left Coast. This popped up on some of sites I peruse:

    It looks like there could be a summer of protesting, (less than) civil disruption, etc. including screening for candidates with political organization skills and a history of political activity, training to be most effective at that, committing at least 5 hours/week for 12 weeks for activities, and agree "with this Resistance Summer vision statement: I believe that we can build a country with room for all of us; with an economy that works for all of us; that welcomes refugees and immigrants; that takes action to address climate change; that makes it easier, not harder, to vote; that values Black lives; that stands against sexism, racism, and Islamophobia. I share a commitment to nonviolent action to achieve this vision."

    I agree with a person's or group's right to protest (peacefully) or to be politically active to change a situation, but so far these actions have fallen more in the angry/agitated/violent form rather than nonviolent resistance.

    Just to try to help keep a 'heads up'.

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    How can that be achieved with all the hate out there? You don't feel safe anymore whether at a mall or concert, my dream to see Europe probably will never happen now. I spend more time deleting people on my Facebook page for political hate spewing than I do adding people. I just wanted to share the beauty of art, lol. Even my own mother criticizes everything the republicans try to do, I did not vote for either of the candidates as they do not make me feel good about our countries direction..I also did not like mr Bernie, as I do not believe our ancestors fought and died so we could be socialists..the Vietnam war divided this country, but nothing like what is happening now, I feel like we are headed for another civil war. I am watching the southern states destroy civil war monuments, this is our history..our children's textbooks are being rewritten to exclude the truth of our past... Probably the best thing we can all do is buy old copies of the world book encyclopedias...rant over!


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      The south lost the war so I'm not sure what all the southern pride is all about? Usually when an army loses they hang their heads in shame not profess pride so maybe that's what all the monument bashing and confederate flag dropping is all about? The civil war also seems to be a sore spot for some of our nations most depressed people. Blacks see it as a reprehensible time in our nations history while liberals want to act sympathetic to slavery and all the ills that came from it. Jim Crow laws, indentured servitude, discrimination all hold real distaste for those wanting to identify with discrimination.

      I can sympathize with the feeling of division and strife in our nation thinking there might be another civil war but am hopeful that will change in time. The government has learned how to divide and conquer. They pidgin hole us into smaller groups by race, religion, sexual identity, political party and whatever else they can think of and we fall for it hook line and sinker. They also keep us busy so we won't look at what they do and try stopping them. The nuclear family is nothing more than a political economic structure meant to propagate consumerism and as such benefit business. So regardless of political loyalty we are working for the same master big business.

      I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the system as I'm a capitalist and like profits but we the people should not be blind to how it works. We should understand that the system is about perpetuating the system and as such will never die. It won't be until people matter according to their contributions to the progression of man intellectually and spiritually that a man worth won't be measured in dollars and cents.

      That is my hope for humanity and where I put my trust. It may be somewhat naive but a positive world view helps me sleep at night and stays off the anxiety I would feel without such a view.


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      I think that the coming year will contain events that will make it even more clear to people that preparedness has become a necessary component of our lives. Several decades ago, having a bomb shelter in your back yard or a more recently a tornado shelter was not seen as "crazy" over the top but was seen as an unfortunate necessity. I see many more people writing about preparedness and I hear many more people talking about it too. The terrorist attack in London recently serves as yet another reminder to people I think that no matter where you are, it's critical to be prepared for a crisis. I believe that we are on the path to preparedness being like having a bomb shelter was then. You prep because you know the day may come when you will need it and you can't imagine being caught without it when that day comes. But, you hope you never have to use it.


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        Megan, I have to agree with you, even I just wrote one for a prepper bundle.. If anyone is interested it is on sale for the next five days for under 30$. Here is the link
        Take charge of your life and be prepared for anything by getting the 2017 Preparedness Bundle - a $310 value for only $29.97


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          Originally posted by Ollady View Post
          Megan, I have to agree with you, even I just wrote one for a prepper bundle.. If anyone is interested it is on sale for the next five days for under 30$. Here is the link
          Not to put down this bundle as I don't own it but there is plenty of FREE resources online that would keep a person busy for life. If your going to buy information do it in physical form. That way if the lights go out your can still read in the daytime for years after the grid goes down.