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Aug. 23rd 2017 'Black Sky Event' (exercise)

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  • Aug. 23rd 2017 'Black Sky Event' (exercise)

    Given the amp'ed up rhetoric on the US and North Korean sides, and the creeping news reports taking us back to Cold War-era preps for nuclear annihilation, this exercise doesn't necessarily come as a shock to me. Except I'd heard nothing of it until a 'prep' website covered it.

    It's a coordinated exercise put on by a number of non-government agencies, and the government agencies within the US/Great Britain/Israel and individuals. . And it comes 2 days after the total solar eclipse on 8-21.

    Well, I thought that I'd toss it out, so that group members can add it to the 'to-do, to-observe, to-ignore' list; whichever may apply. But given that we keep hearing of the fragile nature of our power grid (and their video points out how deep-which we knew- the 'stuff' will be when it hits the oscillating blades) it is, at least, something worth considering as a mind- or table-top exercise.

    (How's the summer treating everyone?)
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    Thanks for sharing!
    Always stay safe,