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    About HAARP and program 21 ....We know inof....The hole cenario is plant....


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      Originally posted by Old Codger View Post

      I doubt our beloved leaders care about time or money. It is all done by computers now, and a few humans to process the leads. They have even attached monitors to the undersea cables across the oceans, and to the satelllites of course!

      BIG brother IS watching.

      It's always about money with them. Time taken away from REAL threats, puts governments at risk. We the people, have the power, not with might but with right. Taking precautions only helps to keep us safe. There are of course no guarantees. As preppers however, we know that and prepare anyway.


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        "It's always about money with them."

        A bunch of pollies that have borrowed near 20 TRILLION dollars are about money? More about getting re-elected I think!

        "We the people, have the power, not with might but with right."
        Those 300 million firearms will help with the "might' side of the equation! I think your Congress may have recently figured that out!



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          Originally posted by Alicia View Post
          I like so much to talk....How can.we
          I'm here to help You can post in the thread or pm me anytime


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            Right 😃 I want to building a shelter underground....OR half underground....I know how.....But....On that place in the rainsaison there is a lot of water in the ground....Is there any solution ?


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              I'm really sorry Alicia but I know nothing about underground shelters I suggest you start a thread in this forum, and ask you question, of all our members. I'm sure there's someone who can help you? The reason for starting a thread specifically on Underground Shelters in that forum is, that this forum is about "personal security online" and your question will be lost in the thread. I hope that helps you?