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Your Facebook Data; So Much For OPSEC

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  • Your Facebook Data; So Much For OPSEC

    Ever considered what (some) of the information that Facebook has on you might look like?

    I post to a limited amount, haven't posted any personal photos, and try to maintain a certain level of privacy. I thought it was all good, until I downloaded a .zip of my Facebook data; and yes, they collect a lot of information. Messages that you've sent in Messenger; contacts from your smartphone, if you use your phone to get online to the site; photos that you've posted; IP addresses of the devices that you use to access the site; ads that you've clicked onto; pages that are in your feed.......

    It's much more than I would have guessed. If you want to check yours, use the instructions from this site (or do a web search for 'download a copy of my Facebook data').
    Learn how to download an archive of your Facebook account. This gives you a copy of the information available in your Facebook account, including your Timeline info, posts you have shared, messages, photos, as well as data you did not create yourself such as the ads you clicked on, logged IP addresses and more.