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  • Instant selfdefense.

    Before I post this book I have to say a word or two about it's author. Ashida Kim aka Radford W. Davis or Chris Hunter claims of being an authentic Ninja are suspect. My own investigation has uncovered situational happenstance leading me to doubt his authenticity on the subject. Here is but one ridiculous offering by Kim that gives me pause This is actually a popular magic trick called" ashes on the arm" and can be seen performed by David Blaine on one of his specials. Be that as it may Kim's writings even though theroy are sound. I have personally used and taught some of his so called proprietary techniques to students with stellar results.

    It is in that vein that I post this I hope it helps?
    JUST CAUSE THEY SAY IT DON'T MAKE IT TRUE And if it comes from Info Wars or Alex Jones, it's probably BULLSHIT!

    Steve Bannon in his own words, speaks on Breitbart and the alt right

    Know the FACTS b4 going off half cocked