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  • Am I missing something?

    Just spent 8 days in the gulf with my children, kind of a last family trip for their dad before he loses his battle with cancer. They flew in from Europe, California, and drove from Tennessee, and Alabama. Of course, there were mostly democrats in the group, but some die hard Trump supporters as well. My military child, was applauding Trumps actions...subject got around to emps and food storage. He assured me if their was an emp it would be with a nuclear warhead and we would probably die anyway. My Calif kids, asked what was with the prepping thing, as this is not something they ever discuss out there! I told her she lived in an earthquake zone, did she have food or water for two weeks? She said no! But that she had a way to cook..what? She didn't know. We talked about dehydrated and freeze dried foods..I guess I'll send her a few cans to assure myself anyway. My tenn kids were funny, they assured the others that food and weapons would be needed as well as a shelter plan as everyone had guns in their area..and finally Alabama stepped in and said that those in the military did not realize how many terrorists are already here and would love to shut down our power grid..yes we had a great time, fishing, bonding, eating great food and walking on the beach...but more important, maybe they will put some food and water away for a disaster.

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    So sorry for the cancer diagnosis, but it sounds like the family had a memorable reunion. I would have loved to have heard the conversations! I live in Illinois and have 3 grown sons and only one sees the need to prep, but due to a work injury he has been off work for a year and a half and hasn't been able to store a lot. I wish we had had better choices for the election, but I truly believe Trump was the best choice of the two. However, so much anger, hatred and dissension in the world would make it hard for anyone in that office. Although I felt some relief when Trump was elected and now that he has hit the ground running, there is so much that needs done and still many threats that it is imperative we stay vigilant and continue prepping and acquiring skills. It is interesting to hear how your children's viewpoints differ according to where they live. I have a brother in Arizona who is like your Cal.and one in North Carolina whose beliefs are very similar to your Tenn and Ala. Hopefully they all learned valuable lessons.


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      I just hope they put some food and water away for an emergency. The saddest part for me was realizing that if we have a major disaster, I may never be able to see them again. Without planes, or major transportation they could not get to TN. There was a lot of wisdom in the olden days of keeping family close by.


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        I have two older children, both grown with their own families and two young daughters still at home. My son, who lives about an hour away with his wife and youngest two boys has come around to the idea of prepping just in the last year or so. In fact, in his recent visit, he and I went through the bug out bag I prepared for him and cemented the plan as to how they would meet up with the rest of us. He drives semi-truck so he's seen some stuff. I think he gets it. My oldest daughter is pretty oblivious of the danger that is looming. But for the moment she lives next door to me, so her bug out bag is here and when SHTF she knows I'm coming to drag her and the grandchildren with me! She thinks I'm nuts but she accepts I'll drag her with me when the time comes. My son's ex also lives next door with his two oldest boys, she's not prepping yet either. My aunt owns the house behind us, so we pretty much own the entire corner. I have my stockpile and it's growing. In the plan for next month is to make my own rocket stove for smokeless cooking here or on the move if needed. Not that it would be safe to bug in here for anything other than a short-term power outage or winter storm but we do have several bug out locations that get progressively further out--homes of extended family members who are also prepping.