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  • I did it

    yesterday I sent my daughter the article about the rich in California prepping, she sent me back a note asking what to do..I told her to plan first for a thirty day emergency such as a fire, flood or earthquake..then we made a menu of foods she eats and a list of store bought and canned dehydrated foods..also told her how much water to include for her and pets and dog food..she agreed, I feel so much better, next we will go for 3 months lol.

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    Well that is good that your daughter begin to get prepared too and that makes you sleep better at night too i guess


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      Good for you! Does she changing her mind have something to do with Trump's presidency? lol
      Always stay safe,



      • Ollady
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        No she doesn't follow politics, but she is a computer techie so I guess the article appealed to her better sense.

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      Anytime we are able to change the minds of our loved ones and neighbors prepping for themselves, we help to insure our own survival. The more people who prep ,the less demand for our preps there will be. So helping others in actuality, helps ourselves. This imo, is what this board is all about. So bravo Lady and may your avocation of prepping, reach as many people as possible


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        This is great to read! It is surely something that wasnt so much in the forefront when we were younger, well as much as it is now. We have always lived this way in some regards, but not the powergrids and tech part. Someone who hasnt in some way, or has lived in a city and needs to start, it can be overwhelming! Great to hear you helped someone get started and thats what its all about!!