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    I have lost confidence in the admin of this board. So it is with heavy heart,
    that I can no longer support it. I will more than likely start my own board in
    the future, with all the content from this one and even more. So goodby everyone
    and remember "to be aware is to be alive" until we meet again w
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    So here is the question I have been asking myself. How do you barter without getting robbed in a SHTF scenario? If you decide to sell and grow weed, you are advertising that you have large amounts somewhere on your property. Sure you can build fences and post armed guards, but if 20-30 armed people show up and decide to target your stash you are screwed.


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      This is one of the toughest issues for most people who are prepping I believe. Personally I agree that the vices will be in highest demand. For myself, I know that I would NOT under any circumstances stoop to bartering with narcotics as I've seen drug abuse simply rip families apart and destroy lives. I have less of an issue with bartering cigarettes and alcohol, although I can't really justify stockpiling those things currently. And although not ideal, even "stale" cigarettes will have some value for people that are desperate enough for a smoke, and alcohol has a decent shelf life, so those are options. As for prostitution, I honestly know that I would NOT resort to that in the case of myself and my children, as it has seriously dangerous physical and mental consequences.

      I don't have an issue with marijuana as I've used it myself and know many people who use it for its medical benefits. I've also never met anyone who said marijuana ruined their lives beyond repair. I believe its gotten an unfair rap from the government and medical community simply to keep us from taking advantage of said medical benefits. But I do agree there's an issue when bartering with marijuana because once people know you're growing it, you have a serious security issue on your hands as mentioned above.

      My strategy therefore if SHTF in a major way is to avoid dealing with other people as much as is humanly possible. This means creating a completely independent, very isolated, and self-sufficient location for myself and my survival group. Those plans have been in the works but have been fraught with setbacks, so it's now become a race against time to get things in place quickly enough! So I guess my answer is I hope to avoid having to barter extensively. Should bartering become necessary, I would likely resort to cigarettes and marijuana but do it in a low key and infrequent way that doesn't advertise my location my "customers".


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        I don't reckon bartering or trading will be safe under any circumstances post SHTF so it does not enter into my planning.
        I stock whatever I think i'm going to need, as far as I can, and anything I cant store I intend to do without.
        at the end of the day I intend to be SELF reliant, and i'm concentrating more on skills and knowledge, which will last a lifetime, much longer than any amount of stores which will eventually get used up.
        if someone intends to survive solely on bartering I don't think they will be around for long.


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          Originally posted by grumpygremlin View Post
          I intend to be SELF reliant, and i'm concentrating more on skills and knowledge, which will last a lifetime, much longer than any amount of stores which will eventually get used up.
          if someone intends to survive solely on bartering I don't think they will be around for long.
          Yep I gotta agree with you here.


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            Catering to vices here will cost me a fortune in barter costs. A packet of cigarettes cost a bit over $1 (US75c) each, and a bottle of JW Red Label is near $40.00 (US$28.00).
            I have begun to concentrate my barter items down to 1Kg packs of white long grain rice at $1.40 (US$1.10). I have lost count of how many packs I have. Rice will always be in demand for the wife and kids, and will keep them alive.

            When his kids are starving a sparky will fix my power point for a Kg of rice.



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              Megan has the best answer, avoid people as much as you can. This will not be a medieval type scenario with trade and lively bartering merchants. It will be survival and if my family needed something, sorry i know how i would be. If you have it and they want it, they would just kill you or follow you back to your home. I can see bartering within a trusted community, but just with strangers? no...if they didnt do it their talk of some guy who had xxx would lead someone else to your spot from desperation , desperate people with nothing to lose would not stop at much to get things for them or their family. I am thinking medical supplies, and to have high value items of vice well....dont advertise by trying to barter, anyone knowing you had anything would be resentment, jealousy and death. Take a trip to a 3rd world country and go in with high value things, see what happens.


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                I guess the better prepared you are, the more you should avoid them, they're the ones who'll probably want something from you.. Though you never know when you're in a difficult situation (injured etc)..
                Always stay safe,



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                  "Organizational Design. Like the primates that came before them, human beings were never loners. Indeed, the family is the centerpiece of all human societies. Because of the family’s enduring prevalence, modern Darwinian thinkers hypothesize that human survival was greatly aided by qualified monogamy—pair-bonding necessary for the prolonged care of the young. But no family would have survived the Stone Age without additional support. And thus was born the clan, or an extended family built through “marriages”—that is, mating with other families.'

                  By Nigel Nicholson