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Megalist of Stockpilng Mistakes? Please share here...

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    I am both new to this site and the whole concept of prepping, Ive bought books, mostly Dan's so far and believe in education as much as possible. There is one topic I have not been able to find anything about. I live in Canada and the winters are very cold, we've started to prepare our Lake house as its the most logical place and is not far from home and kids.
    The power often goes off and mostly through the winter we are unaware of it. In fact we usually totally shut the place down. How can I leave any stockpile of provisions that will freeze and spoil if I cant keep power on?


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      If you're considering your lake house as a location to relocate to in worst-case scenarios (a bug-out location), would you be able to keep items there for food prep., extra clothing, blankets, cleaning supplies, etc. (basically non-perishables) and transport foodstuffs to the lake house via your vehicle?

      I'm presuming that your lake house is your secondary/vacation home; if my presumption is wrong, apologies.

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    i was doing my primary grocery shopping for the month.last year i think it was.i came across a foil pouch of spam bites.i went ahead and bought some.then put them with some stored foods i have.that was a mistake.i got one out a few days later.just to try it out.i love food.and those spam bites aint food to me.their dry,hard,and don't taste good.but yet.they might be worth having on hand when hungry...i still have 1 or 2 of them in my food storage.and they'll stay there until i need them.or throw them away..


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      The only food mistake i can think of right i bought some packets/pouchs of spam bites.big mistake on my part.on account their tough,and don't taste right to me.but yet.i do still have one or two left.on account I figure,that thier better then nothing.when hungry..