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    Megan while I can agree with you concerning "opinions" I have to disagree when it comes to facts. Facts are absolute and not subject to opinions and the new wave trending "alternative facts" debate is trully for the simple minded. I'm sorry to be so blunt but I'm tired of people substituting fiction for facts and it being accepted as equal. Opinions are like aholes, everybody has one and they mostly stink, but fact have science and/or data that backs them up. The argument of statistical manipulations only relevant when the manipulation can be proven.

    Now while in the above case Ryan's suggestions were fine for one with experience using such weapons, his suggestions were not for those without such experience and that is just fact. If one without experience would have tried to use his recommended pen in an defensive situation without proper training, it would have been disastrous to the combatant. So for me to have let that pass would have been irresponsible of me without making the clarifications that I did.

    I of the things that I believe in my discussions with Dan about this forum that will and does distinguish us from others, is our attention to details and what in fact is "right" especially when speaking as so called experts. If we don't know then we should admit to not knowing and that we are just giving opinions so that those reading our post can determine for themselves, the accuracy of the post. But when we do indeed KNOW something it is our duty, to post the correct information to benefit the board.

    Truth is important and although facts seem to be of little interest to many people today, it still ranks high on my list of absolutes and that I guess, is my opinion


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      I think we are saying the same thing. The technique Ryan spoke of works for someone with his skills, so it's fact for him. You brought up the issue of experience and indicated that another technique is better for those with less experience or skill. Truth is VERY important as is accuracy of information. What works won't be exactly the same for everyone which is why we need to share our experiences, that's all I was saying. And honestly NO ONE in this forum should be taking advice from anyone without doing their own due diligence and research to apply it to their own situation. Sometimes people may think they have the "facts" which are found out later to be mistaken. That doesn't mean that no one cares about truth and facts. Milk used to be promoted as "does a body good", the end all be all for healthy bones. Now they say it's horrible for you because it was never intended for humans. Sometimes even "facts" change as we gain more information. Or in my personal opinion, facts change based on who is best at lobbying.

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      FACT; Calcium is essential for healthy teeth and bones,

      Distortion of fact; "Milk it does a body good" Propagated by the dairy farmers in an ad campaign.

      Opinion; I think milk is good fro me, based on what I've deduced form my own experiences.

      Belief; Milk is good for me just because.

      See the differences? Ether way, I'll stick to the FACTS and TRUTH while others talk from distorted facts, opinions and/or beliefs