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    I just saw a posting on facebook from somebody that has a $20 gift certificate and wanted ideas for what survival gear he could buy for under $20. Here is the list I came up with: Iodine tablets, blade sharpener, ferro rod, Wetfire, Firesticks, pocket fisherman, copper wire for snares, water filter, emergency blanket, paracord, first aid kit, survival bracelet, compass, whistle, fire lens, tactical pen, tactical flashlight, headlamp, MREs, folding saw, wool socks, lighters, waterproof matches, rain suit, warm hat. All of these items should be under $20 if you shop around. What would you suggest?

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    My list would cover the 5c's of survival and come in at under $100.
    1. Knife. Now I have knives ranging in price from $10 to $300 but for $20 or under, I would suggest this very simple but full tang Bowie style knife. I modded my blade like this as the finish will come off anyway and the bare blade provides better salt water protection. $17
    2. Shelter. These are multipurpose ponchos that can also be used for shelter at $20 you can't beat them.
    3. Fire. Jumbo Ferro Rod, these are the ones I use $10
    4. Water bottle. The Stanly single wall, wide mouth, 24oz, stainless steel, water bottle will work to not only carry water but purify it by boiling in a fire. (be sure to remove the plastic top before putting it in the fire) $20
    5. Cordage. Almost as strong as paracord but mush smaller and lighter, this bank line is perfect for shelter building and other things needed $10

    So to cover all 5c's it would cost $77 and this would be the beginnings of a basic survival kit. For more info on the 5c's check out Dave Canterbury is one of the few TRUE survival experts I respect and admire. His work is stellar and practical Check him out and subscribe to his channel
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      I just got Advanced Bushcraft by Dave for Christmas. He is one of the few television personalities that I actually respect in our space. He really knows his stuff.


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        thanks for the tips, both lists look great and pretty helpful.


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          Anyone read the Mojo's Urban Survival series?