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    I think I'll post my necklace kit in the EDC forum, just to answer my own question? lol


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      Interesting topic. Of course I think your bare minimum gear to have on you at all times depends on your skill level. You must have a way to secure food, water, fire, and shelter. For me, this means I need a good knife, a way to purify water, a firestarter, and cordage. For those with less experience, the list would be longer.

      I get plenty of cordage from my survival bracelet and my boot laces which are both paracord. I can get about 50 feet of cordage out of each, which is way more than enough for building a shelter. My survival bracelet has a ferro rod built in, so that covers fire. I would prefer to also have a lighter with me. My preference for purifying water is a steel bottle with a filter for the lid, but I have relied on iodine tablets as well. The knife needs to be full tang and heavy enough for batoning wood.

      For food I know enough about wild edibles to find food any time of the year. If I wanted to, I could use the cordage to make traps as well. Food is rarely my priority as most people can make it about 30 days without food.

      Where the skill level comes in would be shelter and fire. Many people need a full 'fire kit' to be able to get a fire going. In wet climates, many people need an emergency blanket to build a waterproof shelter, or a saw to cut larger pieces of wood. If there is anything I would add to our list it would be the emergency blanket. In some situations it can save you hours of work building a shelter.

      To get to the root of the topic, I do not think gear can replace skill. There is only so much gear that somebody can carry. If a novice has a large pack completely full of gear, they still would likely not have enough to survive for any length of time. As somebody previously stated, you must have experience working with gear for it to be useful. I do think that skills can replace gear at a certain point. I look back on my first survival challenge and the huge pack of gear I brought with me. With all that I have learned, I could hit the woods tomorrow with just the handful of items I mentioned above and be more comfortable than I was with a pack full of gear.

      I do not tend to run out and buy the latest gadget. If I see something that is light, compact, inexpensive, and helps me to better achieve food, water, fire, or shelter, I may give it a try. I do hours of research reading consumer reviews before I even buy a $5 item. This is not because I'm that cheap, but rather because i do not want my packs cluttered with gear that is mediocre.

      The biggest change I have seen is that the number of items I need for 24 hours versus several weeks in the wild has gotten to be more and more similar. For a 24 hour trek home I need two items, but with just two or three additional items I could make it a few weeks. It really comes down to comfort and convenience. If I am in the wilderness for three or four weeks, I want some items to make my life easier. I'd like to have some fishing gear and a saw for cutting wood. However, for a 24 hour trip home I want to pack lightly and get home as quickly as possible. Comfort and convenience do not cross my mind in that scenario.


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        Originally posted by Ryan Dotson View Post
        I think your bare minimum gear to have on you at all times depends on your skill level.
        The things I have on my survival necklace don't require any skill but the techniques of fire making and cyber stealth do. After I post it in the EDC section, you'll see what I mean


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          Originally posted by Skills b4 Gear View Post
          Some excellent posts there Quiet Sorry for not acknowledging them before So for edification purposes, what would you consider the ABSOLUTE minimum, amount of gear one should have on them at all times? And when I say all times, I mean ALL times. Even while sleeping?
          Gear at all times?


          That depends on the context of where you are.

          I carry less than most because I look at how far I am from a base of gear, and why carry too much if I don't have too. I can get 25-30 miles on just water and dry socks

          So minimum for me if I'm inside that milage is my smock kit and water. Ive added 2 prs of Marino wool inner socks to my kit, they take up almost no room and if you've never used that fabric you are missing out.

          What Ive seen in most peoples posts is the plethora of options, but that means you are sorting when you should be acting, and adding to that the daily "stuff" they need at work or wherever.

          So I don't have an answer to an absolute minimum, other than I need a context of where I am.

          I'm positive Ill be carrying less than most, I'm too old to hump 60-70 lbs for distance. My years in the Army are over, and I have choices now.


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            Heads up