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  • Bug In VS Bug Out

    Hello urban preppers. I always wondered what your plans are when shtf.

    Bug In
    • how long will your supplies last?
    • how are you going to hold on to those supplies?
    • how will you keep your family safe?
    Bug Out
    • do you have on foot bug out plans as well as driving?
    • how much will you be able to carry out
    • do you have a BOB or an INCH pack
    A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows.
    Doug Larson

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    This is a complex question and does not have an easy answer. It depends on the scenario. The simple answer is that we would bug in until we were forced to bug out. On our property we have a huge garden, woods with rabbits and deer, a pond filled with fish and frogs, food and water storage, and other supplies. If we maintained electricity we could probably stay on this property indefinitely. If we lost electricity we would definitely be fine for the first few months. We could make it longer if needed, but it would be harder without a freezer. We would have to do a great deal of smoking and canning.

    If the security of our property was risked, then we would bug out. That means hoards of people, martial law, pandemic, foreign attack, or major natural disaster. We would have no problem bugging out on foot or by vehicle. In fact, in many of these situations I would prefer to move by foot. It is hard to stay hidden when on the road. Between my wife and I, would could carry almost 100 lbs of gear. That is more than enough for us. We have both bug out bags and smaller kits of varying sizes. I am completing a survival challenge next week in which I will only take a knife and the clothes on my back. I do not need much gear for my own needs.


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      I agree that is a very complex question. The Chicago metro area population is listed as 2.7 million people. I am willing to bet that most of those people cannot eat more than a few days if they have to rely only on their pantry. In fact, I am willing to bet that there is a huge number of people that do not even have a pantry and that order take-out on a daily basis.

      So, my morbid and bothersome curiosity made me ask. But what if you are one of those people. And you can't leave the city, but you want to start putting-together some prepping must-haves, such as water, food and bug-out plans.

      And I have to be commended for not referring directly to my associate, Mike (oops, I guess I did it ), pain-in-my-side and stubborn debater that he is.


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        Originally posted by Ryan Dotson View Post
        If the security of our property was risked, then we would bug out.
        Where would you bug out to? I don't expect you to answer but with such a well suited area and I have seen your youtube videos, my first course of action would be to defend the homestead. My plan B would be to conceal myself and family until the marauders went to sleep.

        hawk who is mike and why is self congratulatory praise a warranted comment in your post? It confuses me as I don't know who he is and how he matters to the discussion?