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  • Water Purification

    In my next survival challenge I will have only a knife. I have no plans of having fire and of course will have no way to filter or chemically purify water. There is no rain in the forecast, so I am thinking I will collect dew in the mornings, dig a proximity well, and try some UV purification in a plastic bottle. Does anybody know of any other ways I can purify water with no supplies?

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    I read somewhere that you can wrap branches in plastic and the resulting condensation is pure enough to drink as long the tree itself isn't poisonous. Research it first though to make sure it's safe! It's one of those things I just read somewhere and it popped into my head when you asked the question. Other than rainwater or dew catchment, looking for clear springs or streams as far upstream as possible, and purifying using the sun/distillation not sure what else you can do.


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      The area in which I will be for this challenge has a pond but no streams. I don't trust the pond water without purification. As for the plastic suggestion, it is legitimate. I believe it is called a condensation still. The best way to do it is to dig a hole in a sunny spot and then fill the hole with green vegetation. Place a cup or other container in the center of your pit. Then you place a sheet of clear plastic over the hole and weight down all the edges so air cannot get it. Then you place a small stone in the center so that water will drip down to a center point above your container. The problem is that I likely will not have a sheet of plastic. We will see what kind of litter we can find while we are out there.


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        You can read an indepth way here on the ground solar still, plus overnight dew collection published on the site we write for lol last week:


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          I think we should incorporate the info on the blog site here as well, when it pertains to the forum topics. I do not mind linking to say Ryan's and Megans articles and videos in my articles, this one wasnt mine but I know that guy a little bit, but just saying. I get lost reading the Survirval Sullivan blog and the cool info and have learned quite a bit on there


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            I agree there is so much useful detail on the Survival Sullivan site. I often find myself lost in reading there as well. Good idea.

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          Feel free to add links to other websites if you think they are useful
          Always stay safe,